Hack#9: Publish a paper

High impact on personal branding and skills

Publish a paper

High Impact, High Effort

Research papers are reviewed by credible peers which is why authors of published research papers are considered to be credible. Your paper is a verifiable demonstration of your research capabilities and the subject matter expertise. Having research articles in your CV will add to your personal branding like nothing else. No need to say, this makes you not only more desirable by organizations but also opens doors for opportunities in academia/research.

It is going to take as long as few months to years to put together a paper as it involves a lot of hard work in compiling literature review, obtaining and presenting desirable results, develop mathematical theory and generating novel insights, getting it peer-reviewed, addressing reviewers' comments and ultimate publication of the manuscript.


Get started:

  • If you haven't done any research yet, explore research papers in your interest area and find a research gap. Complete your research work.

  • Compile your research in the form of a paper

  • Get it reviewed from someone who has already published a research paper

  • Explore the scientific journals(e.g. IEEE) that publish research on your research area

  • Submit the research paper for review

  • Be available to answer the questions and make the needed edits

Moving to next level:

  • Present your research at different conferences

  • Speak about it at science or tech conference

  • Explore further research on the subject

FAQs & resources:

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